Stacey Cahn's professional references attest to her talent, integrity and heart.

Jeffrey "Jack" Gordon, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer, Maney | Gordon
"Hands down, the finest video production company I have worked with. Stacey Cahn is the Martin Scorcese of 'Day in the Life' videos. No one in this field does what she does."
J.M., Plaintiff in a malpractice case where Stacey's day-in-the-life video helped win a 7-figure settlement. This was in an unsolicited thank-you note.
"It was such a pleasure knowing you, and I thank you so much for all you have done for me"
Joshua M. Drechsel, Trial Attorney, Brumbelow Drechsel Law Group
"Our firm cannot recommend Stacey Cahn highly enough. Her ability to genuinely tell the story of our clients is unparalleled to any written demand and has become an invaluable jury presentation tool. Stacey's steadfast professionalism and unique panache shines through in every production."
David Abeshouse, Business ADR Lawyer; Neutral Arbitrator/Mediator. NADN; CCA; NY
"I have known Stacey for longer than either of us might be willing to admit. She exemplifies the utmost in terms of personal character, professional ability and expertise, creativity, humor, and raw as well as refined intellect. I highly recommend Stacey to anyone who is ready to experience the pinnacle of production professionalism."
Robin C. Adams, Executive In Charge of Production at
"Stacey has extensive knowledge of not only her craft but the business involved in shaping and directing her craft in a highly efficient and timely manner. She's the ultimate professional and a pleasure to work with."
John Hunter Orr, Director of Public Relations, ab+c Creative Intelligence
"Stacey's experience was invaluable. Knowing what works saved a lot of time and energy. She brought creativity to the production process and the results reflected her fine effort."
DZ Stone, Turner Construction, and CreakyJoints
"I've known Stacey since she was a fledgling news reporter and over the years had the opportunity to work with her on media projects for various clients, including the country's largest general builder Turner Construction, and CreakyJoints, the worldwide online arthritis community. Stacey is a consummate professional who insists on the highest standards, yet somehow always retains her heart."
Bob Hoak, WEDU (PBS Tampa)
"Working with Stacey at WEDU was always a joy. She made sure the studio guests were at ease and looked their best. Stacey went the extra mile to provide the needed graphics for the edit sessions, making it possible to hit the ground running. She's always up for a war story or two, making the day pass quickly."
Lidj Lewis, CNBC Colleague
"Sure it's fine to have someone on your team who's creative, attentive, and can bang out great copy and call the right shots. For Stacey, that's a given. But what distinguishes her from others is her integrity and unbridled passion for her craft. I've known Stacey for many years, and have always been touched by her honesty and concern for others. I highly recommend her, and only wish I could work with her more often."
Michael Lysak, Bloomberg Business News
"I worked with Stacey Cahn in the nation's number one market, and can attest to the fact that she is a consummate professional. She has a passion for her work, and it is evident in the end results."
Andy Fisher, The TODAY Show, WNEW-FM, NBC Radio Networks, CNBC
"Stacey is as fine a writer as I have ever worked with. She followed me to WNEW-FM, and perfected it with her presence, then joined me at the NBC Radio Network/The Source. The best work I did at NBC always somehow involved Stacey, as collaborator, conspirator, or cheerleader. She is a wonderful storyteller, a sensitive and perceptive observer, a compassionate and generous friend. I would never trust anyone else to help tell my story."
Erika Miller, Anchor/Host/Correspondent, Thomson Reuters/CCTV
"Stacey was my mentor at CNBC, teaching me all the tricks of the trade. She is a top notch writer, reporter, and producer. Her passion for her craft comes through in her work. She is extraordinarly creative and fun, even under pressure. I know you will enjoy working with her as much as I did."
Peter Schacknow, Senior Producer, CNBC
"Stacey is a multi-talented media mogul with experience in all aspects television and radio. If you want something done, she's already done it very well hundreds of time."
Tom Foty, CBS Radio Networks
"Stacey was a 'people person' in media gigs, who knew how to find a story. One would expect no less in her ability to find the story in people."
Frank Raphael, Vice President, News & Operations, Sirius Satellite Radio
"I have had the pleasure of working with Stacey over a period of many years. She is a gifted story teller with a smart businesslike approach to every task she assumes."

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